Management Staff



1. BIO DATA AND EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUNG: I was born on 19th August, 1969 at Robat Village, Kambia District. I am a Sierra Leonean by nationality, aged 52 years and married with children. I Attended the Ahmadiyya Muslim Primary School, Rokupr and later proceeded to the Milton Comprehensive Secondary School, Bo from 1983-1988 and subsequently went for further education after obtaining the SC/GCE.

2. QUALIFICATION AND TRAINING: (a) QUALIFICATION (i) I obtained a Master’s of Science Degree in Public Administration and Management, Institute of Public Administration and Management (IPAM), University of Sierra Leone (USL), (2011-2013); (ii) Awarded a Masters Degree in Development Studies, School of Environmental Sciences, Njala University (February, 2006; (iii) Postgraduate Diploma in Education, Department of Education, Fourah Bay College (FBC), USL, (December, 2000); (iv) Bachelor of Arts General Degree in History and Political Science (FBC), (USL), (December, 1994). (b) TRAINING: Attended both international and local training seminars and courses to mention a few as follows: (i) Certificate on Seminar in Public Administration for African Countries (English), National School of Administration, Ministry of Commerce, Beijing, China (17th- 28th October, 2007); (ii) Professional Certificate in Leadership and Management Models of Public Service Delivery, International Centre for Parliamentary Studies, Accra, Ghana (30th March - 3rd April, 2015); (iii) Anti-Terrorism Seminar, Bamako, Mali (2010); (iv) Training of Trainers Workshop in Public Sector Management (21st July – 1st August, 2008); (v) Certificate in Public Policy Formulation and Management (IPAM), (USL) (6th – 10th December, 2010); (vi) Certificates in Internal Audit 15th – 19th September and 17th-21st Nov., 2008).

3. POSITIONS HELD AND EXPERIENCE: (i) Acting Director, Directorate of Staff Welfare and Employee Relation, Human Resource Management Office, (22nd June, 2021); (ii) Deputy Secretary, Directorate of Staff Welfare and Employee Relations, HRMO (June, 2016); (iii) Acting Deputy Director, Staff Welfare and Employee Relations, HRMO (December, 2014); (iv) Acting Dep. Sec., Ministry of Sports (2011); (v) SAS (with appointment as Director of Defence Policy and Procurement), Ministry of Defence (2008); (vi) SAS, Ministry of Lands, Housing, Country Planning and the Environment (MLHCPE) (January, 2007); (vii) Confirmation of Appointment (31st July, 2004) (viii) Assistant Secretary, MLHCPE, (2002); (ix) Administrative Officer (Cadet) (27th July, 2001); (x) Teacher, Richard Allen High School, Kissy, Freetown (1998-1999) (xi) Teacher, Kolenten Secondary School, Kambia (1995-1997); (xii) Part-time Engagement, Rice Research Station Rokupr, (1st July – 30th September, 1992. EXPERIENCE: (a) Contributed significantly under the European Union (EU) Programme Estimates II (PE II) in creatively designing the Right-Sizing Policy for the entire Civil Service to have the required structure with an adjustment at the bloated bottom level to attain a cadre of civil servants with the requisite skills mix and to boost up the middle level manpower. (b) Facilitated the participation of Sierra Leone in resuming World Peace Keeping Operations in Somalia in 2009 which had halted since the Second World War. (c) Instrumental in the introduction of a fair and equitable system of land acquisition in the Western Area and the management of development control (d) briefly served as Co-Manager to the National Stadium Management for prudent financial management for a self-reliant institution.