Management Staff



Mr. Patrick M. Kawa holds a Bachelor of Science Degree Business Administration and a Master of Science in Degree in Business Administration from the Institute of Public Administration and Management, University of Sierra Leone. He also holds many other continuous educational certificates acquired within and outside Sierra Leone including Training-of-Trainers Course at the Administrative Staff College of Nigeria, Ethical Leadership for Quality Productivity Improvement (ELQPI) at the Civil Service Training Centre in Accra Ghana, Performance Management Systems at the Kenya School of Government, Public Policy Formulation and Management, Regional Trade Policy Course, University of Swaziland etc. Mr. Kawa was first appointed in the Civil Service as an Executive Officer at the then Sierra Leone Broadcasting Service (SLBS), Ministry of Information and Broadcasting in August 2000.  In November 2006, he was appointed as Assistant Secretary and posted to the Ministry of Trade and Industry where he served for three years until November 2009 when he was transferred to the Human Resource Management Office. At HRMO, he briefly worked in the Directorate of Staff Welfare and Employee Relations and later to the Management Services Directorate where he served as Senior Assistant Secretary and Deputy Director and currently the Acting Director. As Director of Management Services, he specializes in developing Job Descriptions; Schemes of Service and Organizational Reviews with view to aligning staffing to current and future mandates and objectives of MDAs for effective and efficient utilization of the employees. He is also a key partner to the PSRU in relation to conducting Management and Functional Reviews for various MDAs. Mr. Kawa has hands on experience in conducting Job evaluation and job analysis;   Mr. Kawa is also an accredited Trainer/Lecturer at the Civil Service Training College where he lectures Organizational Development, Human Resource Management and Management Courses.