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The Directorate of Human Resource Planning and Budgeting in the Human Resource Management Office, HRMO has commenced this year's Annual Manpower Planning for ministries, departments and agencies of government for 2023 FY at the Civil Service Training College in Freetown.

Addressing this year's inaugural Manpower hearings, the Director of Human Resource Planning and Budgeting, Samuel Coker,   said the exercise is a prerequisite to the annual budget planning for personnel in MDA's.

Dilating on this year's theme: Proper Human Resource Planning Enhances Effective Service Delivery, Mr. Coker said the main objective of the exercise is to prepare the base in the deliberation for the annual budget.

As an established process and a deliberate effort to prepare a clean payroll system in the government, the Director of Human Resource planning and Budgeting said they are looking at five most important forms:

HRP-1: deals with the Establishment and Creation of New Posts,

HRP-2: is for the staff list/ nominal roll (permanent and pensionable staff and, contract staff),

HRP-3: is for wastage due to retirement or abandonment,

HRP-4: is request for promotion and,

HRP-5: is request for appointment.

The Manpower Hearing is running for ten days, starting on Monday 22nd August, 2022