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The Director- General of the Human Resource Management Office (HRMO) and Imprest Administrator of the EU, Multi Annual Programme Estimate, Mr Ansu Samuel Tucker has told civil servants in Koinadugu District, that the district level consultative meetings on reviewing the Civil Service Code, Regulations and Rules are to elicit the views, comments and concerns of civil servants; which are likely to be included in the modified Civil Service Code. He said the code which embodied instruction on personnel matters, has since 2011, not been reviewed due to the Ebola outbreak and other factors.


The Director- General of HRMO underscored some of the reforms that have taken place in the civil service in addition to emerging issues that need to be included in the modified code for effective and efficient service delivery and management of the civil service workforce. Mr. Tucker said the review is to enable the Sierra Leone Civil Service conform to changing times and circumstances. The representative of the Secretary to Cabinet and Head of the Civil Service, Mr. Patrick Sama, spoke on the Competency Framework document which the government is working on, to guide recruitment, training and promotion with the objective to ensure quality and fairness in the civil service. Emerging issues; such as disability, provincial administration, gender, and occupational health and safety were exhaustively discussed. Civil Servants in Koinadugu District thanked the DG of HRMO for his initiative to involve civil servants at district level, for the first time, in the reviewing process of the Civil Service Code, Regulations and Rules. The Nationwide Consultative Meetings with civil servants on reviewing the Civil Service Code are organized by the Human Resource Management Office with support from the EU Governance Programme for Civil Service Reform. This is the last consultative meeting in the provinces and will be followed with a nationwide validation exercise. In a related development, the committee on reviewing the Civil Service Code led by the Director- General of HRMO is working on organizing a consultative meeting with civil servants working in Freetown.