Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Promoted but salary not updated
Applied for Annual Vacation Leave (AVL) but don't receive Allowance with Salary
Salary arrears due to short payment
Not yet on the Payroll for New Entrance
Salary not paid due to System Error
Q:What are targets?
Q. What are some sources of targets?
Q. When to set yearly targets?
Q. Targets should be agreed by whom?
Q. When to conduct Mid-Year review?
Q. When to conduct Annual review?
Q: What is MPAC?
Q. What is the key function of MPAC
Q. What needs to be done when the annual review is completed between a supervisor and an appraisee?
Q. After MPAC meets and endorses the appraisal conducted between supervisors and their appraisees, what should be done with the IPAS forms?
Q. How many IPAS forms should be forwarded to the Director General HRMO for review?
Q. Is there any redress mechanism in case of disagreement between an appraisee and supervisor with regards performance rating?
Q. Is there any feedback mechanism with regards an appraisees performance?
Q. How many stages are there in the IPAS process?
Q. What are the key IPAS tools?
Q. Which entity is responsible for monitoring IPAS for Civil Servants in Grades 1-10?
Q. Which entity is responsible for monitoring the performance of Civil Servants in Grades 11 and above?

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